About us

Our story begins in 1999 - the year in which Apeiron began distributing
ayurvedic Auromère® herbal toothpaste.   

The foundation stone of our product philosophy, which is still valid today, was laid. For Apeiron, the entrance into the fascinating world of Ayurveda began. This revealed to us an approximately 6,000 year old knowledge about the lasting effect and processing of medicinal herbs and plants.

The first immersion developed into a strong passion and the inspiration to formulate gentle effective cosmetics based on this wealth of experience, which also meet modern demands in application. And so Apeiron is now an expert in the development of natural and harmonious body care.

As individual as you - Apeiron gentle natural cosmetics

The best protection for the skin is produced by your skin itself. However, this protective mechanism is often disturbed. Skin problems are therefore already part of the everyday life of many people. Particularly sensitive skin usually requires special care in the form of gentle care products that are optimally adapted to its needs. But even normal, "unproblematic" skin benefits from cosmetics with mild and natural ingredients.

Like the organic cycle of a human being, the skin as the largest human organ is subject to a certain rhythm. With cosmetics from Apeiron you can respond to the specific needs of your skin, because our cosmetics can be combined individually. From various lines you can choose the exact care that effectively supports the rhythm of your skin.

We want you to feel good in your skin. We are committed to this - with sensible, needs-based and natural cosmetics - for your very personal natural feeling.

Apeiron natural cosmetics - gentle beauty care

The old knowledge about the effects of combinations of high-quality, exotic but also domestic selected medicinal herbs, plants, minerals and roots is always taken into account in our products.

Traditional knowledge intelligently combined with the latest scientific findings - the result is extraordinary and effective cosmetics.

Reflection on the essential 

Skin can be easily cared for. Therefore we only add as much ingredients as necessary to our cosmetics to achieve the best and most effective results. The secret of Apeiron natural cosmetics is not the multitude of ingredients, but the careful selection and combination of active ingredients. Unnecessary stress and irritation of the skin is thus avoided. Your skin is cared for exactly where it needs it and thus maintains its balance in a natural way.

Less is more - proven also with fragrance

Users describe the fragrance of our cosmetics in a fine, subtle and sensual way. We use only natural essential oils and fragrance compositions.

Controlled natural cosmetics - certified according to the BDIH / COSMOS standards

For our products we use sustainably extracted ingredients, if possible in controlled organic quality, wild growth or organic cultivation, which are proven to care for and protect the skin. Above-average quality management guarantees high effectiveness and tolerability. We do not use synthetic dyes and fragrances, kerosenes (mineral oils), parabens and PEG compounds. We obtain our packaging from regional suppliers and are 100% recyclable. Our cardboard packaging is FSC-certified and comes from wood from environmentally friendly and sustainably managed forests. We are against animal experiments and have never commissioned them. 95% of our products are vegan. Except for honey and beeswax we do not use any animal ingredients. Our products carry the seal of the BDIH / Cosmos for controlled natural cosmetics.  


Fair trade

In our opinion, respect for people and nature as well as the observance of fair trade is not demonstrated by carrying the appropriate seals and signs, but rather by one's own actions and should be part of every basic entrepreneurial attitude. For Apeiron this is the basis of a functioning cooperation. Apeiron is an owner-managed family business. Our production site in Germany guarantees quality and continuity.






Apeiron - simply a good feeling