Animal welfare

Good news: animal testing for cosmetics is banned in the European Union - that applies to both the end product and its raw materials! Trading in cosmetics that have been tested on animals in third countries is also prohibited.

Apeiron has chosen to not test products on animals or to use goods or raw materials tested on animals. We also do not sell our products in countries where animal testing for cosmetic products is required or tolerated.

We strongly support the ban on animal testing. To show this our company voluntarily complies with the international animal protection organization (PETA) regulations - we are therefore entitled to use the PETA label on our products:


Wherever possible, we use purely vegetable or mineral raw ingredients in products and packaging materials - the only exceptions are the use of honey and beeswax. No animal should suffer or die for our products. As a result, more than 95% of our products also carry the vegan label: