At Apeiron, we are committed to the climate-neutral manufacture and sale of our products. Apeiron has been a recognized climate-neutral company since 2022:

Climate-neutral company - what does that mean?

Every company causes CO2 emissions, no matter how sustainable and economical it is. Climate protection means recording all emissions in order to reduce and avoid them in the future. To become a climate-neutral company, Apieron offsets all unavoidable emissions with a climate protection project.

How has Apeiron become climate-neutral?

Calculate CO2: The basis of climate protection is the CO2 balance. It records all emissions caused, by heating, electricity, business trips, employee commutes, paper consumption, etc.

Reduce and avoid CO2: From the CO2 balance we can see which greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced and which can be avoided in the long term. A few examples are switching to green electricity, video conferences instead of business trips, trains instead of domestic flights, etc.

Offset CO2: We offset all unavoidable emissions through our commitment to a climate protection project. We support the global Plastic Bank: Plastic Bank:

Over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. In developing countries in particular, the infrastructure for proper disposal is often poor. Reducing the amount of plastic washing up on beaches in developing countries, while improving the lives of individuals in these communities is Plastic Bank's approach. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines, locals collect plastic waste. At collection points, they can exchange the plastic for money, food, drinking water, or even school fees. The project ensures that less plastic ends up in the sea. Instead, it is recycled and processed into social plastic, which serves as a raw material for new products, such as packaging.


Apeiron has decided to reduce plastic waste. We consistently implement this goal with our products. Wherever possible, we use climate-friendly packaging materials, e.g., reusable glass containers or bottles made from sugar cane-based plastic. In the medium term we want to make all our products climate neutral. We are happy to inform you about our progress, you can order our newsletter here.