How long do the products last?

Throughout the European Union, cosmetics must display a best worn before date if they do not have a shelf life of more than 30 months. The best before date states that if stored correctly, the product will retain its original condition and function. Usually, the product can still be shipped after the best-before date has expired and can be used without risk. The best before date is not an expiry date!

Tiegel 12M

This does not apply to cosmetics with a longer shelf life than 30 months. The symbol of an opened cream jar must be printed on the packaging, with the duration of use after opening:
The symbol and the indication "12 M", for example, indicates that after opening for first use the product is safe to use for 12 months. The time period varies depending on the product.
Products that have a shelf life of more than 30 months and are not opened or products which are single use do not need this labeling. This type of labeling is a health-related indication of a use-by period. It can help to note the date of opening on the product.
In many cases, you can check yourself to determine if cosmetics have become unusable. For example, if the components of a cream or shower gel have separated or if the contents no longer smell good and are not visually perfect, the product should no longer be used. For some products, the deterioration can be undetectable.

The indication of the shelf life after opening helps the consumer to better assess how long they should use the product after the first use.

Further information is available from the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety = BVL (