Sustainable & Fair

Apeiron has been committed to the sustainable manufacture of our products, fair cooperation with our partners, and the promotion of social projects for years. Here are some examples of our commitments.


Reduction of packaging materials

Today's goods market is characterized by international supply and production chains. Food and other goods are traded and processed worldwide. On their way to the shops, they usually cover long distances and need protection for this, packaging is therefore essential. However, the choice of raw materials and the way in which cosmetic items are packaged today are generally not ecologically sustainable. Apeiron has therefore made it its corporate goal to reduce waste and eliminate it wherever possible.

These ambitious goals can be achieved more easily if all contributors to the production chain are involved, from raw material suppliers to retailers. Producers can learn from each other, which is why Apeiron is a member of the association unpacked e.V.

Together with other companies we want to achieve the following goals:

  • Disposable plastic packaging and unnecessary packaging are avoided as far as possible.
  • All packaging should be reusable, recyclable, or compostable.
  • To eradicate packaging (primary, secondary and tertiary) made from fossil fuels..
  • All packaging is free of hazardous chemicals.
  • The health, safety, and rights of all people involved are respected.
  • No packaging is used containing raw materials which contribute to deforestation, endanger biological diversity, have been genetically modified, or impair the use of agricultural land for food.

We know that Apeiron still has a lot to do to achieve these goals. Our new product developments are aligned with our corporate goal of sustainability. A good example of this is our new dental powders, which are manufactured with no single-use packaging:

  • Reusable glass primary container
  • No outer carton
  • Product re-fills available
  • No use of toxic chemicals

In conjunction with this we want to continue our development of new products and revise existing products accordingly.-


Cardboard boxes are made from FSC-certified raw materials

Apeiron almost exclusively uses FSC-certified materials for the cardboard boxes. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. It is an international certification system for more sustainable forest management. FSC®

certified materials must be always identifiable during processing, to the finished product. This is an important promise to the consumer! FSC approved packaging is used on the carton of Apeiron Organic Wild Rose Care Oil. We cannot remove the outer carton as it is needed to protect the sensitive unsaturated fatty acids from harmful UV rays.


Palm oil free products

Palm oil offers several advantageous properties for manufacturers: It is inexpensive, heat-stable, and can be processed in a variety of ways. However, oil palms grow almost exclusively where rainforests would otherwise thrive. As a result, millions of hectares of forests, some of which are illegally cleared, fall victim to cultivation. Deforestation not only fuels climate change, but also drives animals and people out of their habitat.

The cultivation of palm oil creates ecological and social problems. Many people therefore want to avoid the oil or prefer products with sustainably produced palm oil.

Palm oil refining can produce increased levels of fatty contaminants, including 3-MCPD fatty acid esters (3-MCPD), compared to other vegetable oils. This substance is possibly carcinogenic.

Apeiron therefore does not use palm oil and instead uses high-quality alternatives whenever possible from controlled organic cultivation. This helps both the environment and people.


Flower sponsorship with Feldwerk

Apeiron's strong connection to nature led us to this project. There are more than 33,300 species of insects in Germany, including bees, butterflies, beetles, ants, and flies - 24% of all these species are threatened with extinction.

Feldwerk together with field heroes, flower sponsorships, and bee sponsorships, Feldwerk ensures a more colorful future. We have made it our mission to work with Feldwerk to do something for the local flora and fauna. We all share responsibility for the current decline in species. That is why we are actively involved with Bauer Trame "on our doorstep" in Wallenhorst and can officially call ourselves "field heroes".


Social commitment

As an owner-managed family company with a production site in Germany, fair trade is part of our entrepreneurial attitude. We are socially committed and support projects that improve living conditions in the long term.